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Ekaterina Suchkova,

RC Saint-Petersburg

International 2015-2016



Dear Rotarians and Rotary Friends!

In this Rotary year I wish all of us productive work and fulfillment of projects.

I hope that we will strengthen our international connections and with the help from Rotarians from around the world will be able to apply for the first Global Grant!

The priorities of the club projects stay the same - we help children in need and with disabilities in the first place and babies that got to prison together with their mums.

We also care and promote Rotary image in Russia and in particular in our city of Saint-Petersburg! We have started to place benches in the very heart of the city - next to the Hermitage with the Rotary sign! We have attracted clubs from Russian districts 2220 and 2225 for participation and will develop the project further.

I wish all of us to strive only forward, to attract new members and spread Rotary to as many people as possible.

Yours in Rotary,

Ekaterina Suchkova
President RC Saint-Petersburg International 2015-2016