Dear Friends,
Dear Rotarians,
On the 30th of March we organized our weekly meeting on another spot. The host for our meeting was Kevin within the office premises of SCHNEIDER GROUP.
At our meeting we enjoyed the speeches of our RotarAct Club representatives Katya and Andrey. Our second speaker was Charles Heberle, who is responsible for the US-Russian Rotarian relations.
Our RotarActs presented the results of the organized REM 2016. The event was a joint project among all RotarAct clubs in St. Petersburg.
Furthermore we discussed also difficulties to attract new young blood to join RotarAct. It became clear that the success of a RotarAct club is heavily depending on the support of the Rotary Club.
Our members maintain a strong bond to our RotarActs, but also we have to admit, that we need to do more. RotarAct and young people are our future. They need our support and our attention to be successful.
In the second part of our meeting Charles explained his plans to strengthen the exchange programs between American and Russian Rotarians. Our club members promised to support him in terms of visa and in issuing a rough tour progam for future visits.
During our happy Dollar donation campaign, 3.200 RUR were donated from a group of Banya friends, which had money left over from their last visit to the hot spot. They decided to donate the money to our project "Pregnant women and women with children pretrial detention". Thanks a lot for that.
During our meeting we had again a lot of guests and we are very proud to see an increase of visitors. 
Come and join us every Wednesday. 
We are looking forward to meeting you.