Dear Friends,
Dear Rotarians,
On Wednesday, the 23rd of March we had the pleasure to listen to Mr. Konstantin Tumanov from the ....
Mr. Tumanov is our contact person for our ongoing project "Pregnant women and women with newborns in pretrial detention". Our club supports inmates necessary hygiene article such as diapers, washing powder, female hygiene articles and much more. Lately in December 2015 our club donated a washing machine for this project. The project is financed by our weekly happy dollar donation campaign where members and guests can voluntary donate for the project.
Mr. Tumanov told in his presentation that the pretrial detention is separated in the part for women under 18 and above. At the moment, more than 700 inmates waiting for their findings in their case. The term of waiting for the findings for each case can take up to 5 years. Very often women who are caught by the authorities did not know that they were pregnant. Mr. Tumanov mentioned that the majority of inmates violated the law due to drug abuse or illegal possession of drugs.
The story for the most of the inmate is in many cases the same sad one. As children, 10 - 12 years old, they got in contact with drugs the first time through adults in their environment. Later on, when the children became addicted they were forced to sell the drugs to receive their daily portion. Unfortunately prostitution and other crime commitments are adding to this.
During our meeting the members and guests discussed intensively with Mr. Tumanov and among each other the topic.
We are also glad to say that this weekly meeting was the first time when we had more guests than members. This was a very good feedback for Rotary and our Club.
Everybody who is interested in supporting our club in our projects, making the world a bit better, meeting new people, listening to interesting speeches,
Looking forward to seeing you soon.