Rotary Clubs collect successfully funds for charitable purpose on 
International Woman's Club - Winter Bazar 2015 
Rotary Club "St. Petersburg International" conducted very successfully in cooperation with the Rotary Club "St. Petersburg White Nights" and the Rotary Club "St. Petersburg Neva"  a more than successful Winter Bazar event 2015 organized by the International Woman's Club. The teamwork and positive attitude of all clubs paid off and products like home made cookies, home made jam, home made "Blini", home made "Kompott" and of course Swiss raqlette was high in demand. 
By the end of the day more than 30.000 RUR were collected. The raised funds will be distributed into different community projects, for instance one part of the money is distributed into our bench project.
Many thanks to all organizers and participants.
The members of Rotary Club St. Petersburg International looking forward to the next mutual event.