Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On the weekend from the 12.03.2016 - 13.03.2016 the annual PETS meeting was held in the Best Western Vega Hotel in Moscow. 
Inna as President Elect and I, Kevin, as Secretary Elect for the Rotarian Year 2016/17 went to the introduction event, which is obligatory for all upcoming Presidents and Secretaries.
We met a lot of new friends, heard success stories of projects from different clubs in Russia and exchanged experience and information. 
The event with its organizers provides the base to conduct and lead successful a Rotary Club through its term.
The Rotary Club community in Russia experiences meanwhile a revolution in technology. Support in setting up the web pages for the clubs, webinars and online training for Rotary Club members via different online solution provide a broad range to exchange more information and to implement and support projects on a remote basis. 
Rotary Club Saint Petersburg International is very proud to be one of the club frontrunners in terms of technology and automation.
If you want to become a member of our club, then visit us at our weekly meetings (see calendar for upcoming events) and get in contact with our members.