Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
Our guest at our Weekly Meeting this time, on the 10.02.2016, was Uruzmag Tomaev. He presented the result of an accomplished charity project where he took part in Moscow.
The project was the renovation of a waiting room for children in a hospital in Moscow. The overall volume of the projected exceeded 1,5 million Rubles, where as the project group collected 600 KRubles - 700 KRubles in cash.
Especially the fact that the project group consisted of random people who decided to do something good together is very astonishing.
Our members of the Rotary Club were really impressed and agreed that this projects can only serve as a role model of what can be done, if people decide together to accomplish projects and move mountains.
Uruzmags presentation you can find in our Hom Page Download File section.