Jens Muller and Theo Dohler live near Leipzig. Jens was born with heavy form of cerebral palsy and demands round-the-clock attention. 13 years ago, when parents Jens have died, professional nurse Theo Dohler - father of four children - has accepted the ward in the family.

Since then friends are engaged in the business connected to the Internet and multimedia. Annually within almost two months they travel on ???e? Mercedes with the trailer. They have already travelled many countries: were in Spain, France, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, in the countries of Africa and on Caucasus. During the travel they live and sleep in the machine, in tent or is simple on the ground.

During travel they photograph and on returning home make multimedia shows which show across all Germany at schools, at festivals and various actions. Music to show composes and will arrange Jens Muller.

The purpose of such displays consists in uniting the most different people: young and old, healthy and with physical inability. These lectures and living example Jens and the Feasibility report show, what even with heavy physical inability as at Jens, it is possible to live a full life, and that social work is accessible to everyone and is not a burden, and, on the contrary, - a source of pleasure and inspiration, as for the Feasibility report.