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On Wednesday, 27 of September will be unusual event.
We expect about 25-30 guests as a potentially new Interact members. As a guests we will have three change students and Elena Lyalyagina.
Base on this we will have limited dinner - rather a coffee break.
The event will start at 6:30 in Bessalino Restaurant and continue in Esenin hall.
Welcome to the event.
Dear friends,
The Rotary Club St. Petersburg International is organizing a fund raising event for its social projects for children in the pre-trial detention centre and the infection hospital Nr. 3 in St. Petersburg. You can register yourself for the event as participant under our event registration page. 
We are looking forward to meeting you.
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On Wednesday the 06th of April we had the pleasure to welcome a lot of guest, friends and members of other Rotarian Clubs.
Our speaker this time, were unusually more than 3 persons. In general we have one speaker about one topic, but this time we had different speaker with different topics but all in the same sphere of education and exchange of the youth.
The intial topic was a about the long-term relationship between the Lohbruegge Gymnasium in Hamburg and the School 72 in St. Petersburg. The bond already lasts for more than 15 years. 
Elke Hertel, Uschi Wegehenkel and Nina Ruschteva as our guest speakers, shared their experiences and knowledge about the exchange program between both schools and lessons learned.
During the exchange program pupils can attend internships in companies on the spot. Hence, Russian exchange pupils receive a deep insight in one company in Germany and vice versa. 
For more than 5 years, the Chamber of Commerce of Hamburg in St. Petersburg, with our member and past president Gabriele Kötzschau as head of the chamber, has been supporting the partnership with finding respective internship places for the pupils.
The exchange program foresees the exchange of 12 pupils to Germany and 12 pupils to Russia.
In the year 2016 the focus of internships is lying on the subject of Ecology.
Furthermore we had Mr. Michael Koops as another speaker, presenting an interesting school project in Silicon Valley in America.
Michael supports the idea of such exchange programs and would like to establish something similar between the American school, where he will be Director, and a school in St. Petersburg.
Everybody agreed that exchange programs of the youth are important and necessary. Such programs ensure the decrease of stereo types, support a common international understanding and develop the character of the young individual.
In this regards our friends from the Rotary Club White Nights brought their Rotarian exchange students (US, Mexico, Belgium) with them and the young force told about the impact of the current exchange experience on their personal life.
The positive feedback from the target group, only shows that we have to conduct even more such events and possibilities to make the world a bit better tomorrow. 
We are looking forward to seeing you on the 13.04.2016.

Dear Friends,
Dear Rotarians,
On the 30th of March we organized our weekly meeting on another spot. The host for our meeting was Kevin within the office premises of SCHNEIDER GROUP.
At our meeting we enjoyed the speeches of our RotarAct Club representatives Katya and Andrey. Our second speaker was Charles Heberle, who is responsible for the US-Russian Rotarian relations.
Our RotarActs presented the results of the organized REM 2016. The event was a joint project among all RotarAct clubs in St. Petersburg.
Furthermore we discussed also difficulties to attract new young blood to join RotarAct. It became clear that the success of a RotarAct club is heavily depending on the support of the Rotary Club.
Our members maintain a strong bond to our RotarActs, but also we have to admit, that we need to do more. RotarAct and young people are our future. They need our support and our attention to be successful.
In the second part of our meeting Charles explained his plans to strengthen the exchange programs between American and Russian Rotarians. Our club members promised to support him in terms of visa and in issuing a rough tour progam for future visits.
During our happy Dollar donation campaign, 3.200 RUR were donated from a group of Banya friends, which had money left over from their last visit to the hot spot. They decided to donate the money to our project "Pregnant women and women with children pretrial detention". Thanks a lot for that.
During our meeting we had again a lot of guests and we are very proud to see an increase of visitors. 
Come and join us every Wednesday. 
We are looking forward to meeting you.
Dear Friends,
Dear Rotarians,
On Wednesday, the 23rd of March we had the pleasure to listen to Mr. Konstantin Tumanov from the ....
Mr. Tumanov is our contact person for our ongoing project "Pregnant women and women with newborns in pretrial detention". Our club supports inmates necessary hygiene article such as diapers, washing powder, female hygiene articles and much more. Lately in December 2015 our club donated a washing machine for this project. The project is financed by our weekly happy dollar donation campaign where members and guests can voluntary donate for the project.
Mr. Tumanov told in his presentation that the pretrial detention is separated in the part for women under 18 and above. At the moment, more than 700 inmates waiting for their findings in their case. The term of waiting for the findings for each case can take up to 5 years. Very often women who are caught by the authorities did not know that they were pregnant. Mr. Tumanov mentioned that the majority of inmates violated the law due to drug abuse or illegal possession of drugs.
The story for the most of the inmate is in many cases the same sad one. As children, 10 - 12 years old, they got in contact with drugs the first time through adults in their environment. Later on, when the children became addicted they were forced to sell the drugs to receive their daily portion. Unfortunately prostitution and other crime commitments are adding to this.
During our meeting the members and guests discussed intensively with Mr. Tumanov and among each other the topic.
We are also glad to say that this weekly meeting was the first time when we had more guests than members. This was a very good feedback for Rotary and our Club.
Everybody who is interested in supporting our club in our projects, making the world a bit better, meeting new people, listening to interesting speeches,
Looking forward to seeing you soon.  
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On Wednesday the 16.03.2016 we had Kyle Patching from StepConstruction as our guest speaker.
Kyle gave a very impressive presentation on the redevelopment of the waterfront in St. Petersburg. Its possibilities, problems and best practices in the world. 
It is astonishing how much space in the city centre of St. Petersburg is occupied by old industrial facilities from the Soviet Union times.
If this could be redeveloped in entertainment or retail areas, as the presentation of Kyle offers, St. Petersburg could become even more attractive not only to tourist but also to current and prospective citizens.
The respective presentation you will find as always in our "Home Page Download File" section", on the right side of the blogg.
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On the weekend from the 12.03.2016 - 13.03.2016 the annual PETS meeting was held in the Best Western Vega Hotel in Moscow. 
Inna as President Elect and I, Kevin, as Secretary Elect for the Rotarian Year 2016/17 went to the introduction event, which is obligatory for all upcoming Presidents and Secretaries.
We met a lot of new friends, heard success stories of projects from different clubs in Russia and exchanged experience and information. 
The event with its organizers provides the base to conduct and lead successful a Rotary Club through its term.
The Rotary Club community in Russia experiences meanwhile a revolution in technology. Support in setting up the web pages for the clubs, webinars and online training for Rotary Club members via different online solution provide a broad range to exchange more information and to implement and support projects on a remote basis. 
Rotary Club Saint Petersburg International is very proud to be one of the club frontrunners in terms of technology and automation.
If you want to become a member of our club, then visit us at our weekly meetings (see calendar for upcoming events) and get in contact with our members. 
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On Wednesday on the 02nd March our guest speaker at our weekly meeting was Mr. Hannu Lumme from Finnlines with the topic on shipping logistics in the Baltic region and the opportunities of the new port Bronka.
The members of the RC St.Petersburg International received interesting information on the peculiarities of vessels and transport volume. 
Furthermore we are sad to say that our founding member and friend Vladimir Markov will leave the club. But on the other hand we are glad that Vladimir accepted our offer to be with the club also in the future as honorary member.
Vladimir is one of the founding stones of the club and was an important voice in the club activities. 
In this regard, we want th thank Vladimir for his efforts and the great accomplishments that he achieved with and for the club.
Also, we wish him well and looking forward to meet and welcome him in our club as a honorary member.
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On Wednesday, the 24.02.2016 the members of the Rotary Clubs from St. Petersburg:
- Rotary Club Saint Petersburg International
- Rotary Club White Nights
- Rotary Club Neva
- Rotary Club Pushkin 
- Rotary Club Satellite Sestrorezk
celebrated in a very cozy and medieval atmosphere the 111th birthday of the Rotary Club.
Around 40 Rotarians gathered together and shared their experience and successes from their projects and club life.
Especially, we, as the Rotary Club Saint Petersburg International, would like to thank all participants for their donations to our Global Grand project.
We finally could collect around 1,000 USD. This sum was the last missing part to finance the Global Grand Project. Now we can go ahead and fill in the application form.
More on our Global Grand project for the Romanov Center, you may find under our project section on our web page.
Especially a big thank you to our club member Inna, who organized and coordinated the 24th of Februrary so perfectly. 
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
We would like to invite you to our Rotary birthday celebration - our traditional meeting of all St. Petersburg Rotary Clubs.
Please find the official invitation in our Home Page Download Files section.
The registration for the event needs to be done until Wednesday, the 17.02.2016.
In case you register later, please contact Inna Ledneva directly under the joint event section.
We are looking forward to meeting you.
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
Our guest at our Weekly Meeting this time, on the 10.02.2016, was Uruzmag Tomaev. He presented the result of an accomplished charity project where he took part in Moscow.
The project was the renovation of a waiting room for children in a hospital in Moscow. The overall volume of the projected exceeded 1,5 million Rubles, where as the project group collected 600 KRubles - 700 KRubles in cash.
Especially the fact that the project group consisted of random people who decided to do something good together is very astonishing.
Our members of the Rotary Club were really impressed and agreed that this projects can only serve as a role model of what can be done, if people decide together to accomplish projects and move mountains.
Uruzmags presentation you can find in our Hom Page Download File section.
Dear Rotarians,
Dear Friends,
On the 03.02.2016, at our Weekly Meeting, our speaker from the U.S., Charles Heberle talked about the Rotarian Exchange Program between the US and Russia. 
He spoke about interesting occasions and stereotypes when Americans invite and meet Russians as well as vice versa.
Charles would like to strengthening and increase the exchange, especially in the big cities in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, etc. 
We as Rotary Club St. Petersburg International can only support that idea and it would be a pleasure for us to assist Charles in his idea and welcome as much Americans as possible in our very beautiful city St. Petersburg.
In addition we were very happy to welcome our guests from Italy, Estonia and St. Petersburg as well.
Looking forward to meet and welcome you. 
On our last Weekly Meeting on Wednesday, 27.01.2016. we congratulated our members Tatiana and Andreas to their birthday.
Once more, Happy Birthday to you both and will the Rotary power be with you.
Also our other Andreas received his first pin up for attracting a new club member. Congratuation Andreas. ))
Dear Friends,
Dear Rotarians,
On the 13.01.2016 at our weekly meeting, our guest speaker Daria Tabachnikova, Freelancer for the Leontief Centre and Project Leader of the development of the bicycle infrastructure in SPB held a great and impressive presentation.
Daria started the project with the governmental committee for the development of the infrastructure of St. Petersburg not long ago. The project is ongoing and first milestones can be shown, as e.g. 30 km of cycleway or the rental bike stations all over St. Petersburg. (
We believe Daria and her project team do a great job and we wish her and her team well on the further way to make the streets of St. Petersburg more attractive and safe for bicycle riders.
The Rotary Club St. Petersburg International will be glad to support Daria and her team wherever possible.
(Please find the presentation under our web page download files.)
Dear Rotarians,
Dear friends,
Please be informed that our weekly meeting this week 20.01.2016 has been canceled.
The next weekly meeting takes place on the 27.10.2016.
Thank you and have a nice week.
On Wednesday the 16.12.2015 the members of Rotary Club St. Petersburg International celebrated with friends, guests, former members and Rotar Acts within the New Years and Christmas Party.
In total 25 participants, including the founder of the club and the very first president of the club, enjoyed in a very cozy and lovely atmosphere in the restaurant Kokon Space.
Sharing old stories about the start up of the club, enjoying German, Russian, English live sang Christmas songs and a long visit of Santa Clause with a long poem for each participant where the main attractions at the evening. 
Thanks to everybody who organized the event and who took part in. 
The Rotary Club St. Petersburg International wishes everybody Happy Christmas, Snovim Roschdestvom, Happy New Year and Snovim Godom.
External speaker: 
Irina Arkhipchenko about Destiny of the Russian Germans on the example of the Strelninsky colony near St. Petersburg
Ирина Архипченко Судьба российских немцев на примере Стрельнинской колонии под Санкт-Петербургом.
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